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Christ Church
561 Springfield Ave
Summit, New Jersey 07901
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All are welcome -- including gays and lesbians!
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An Interdenominational, Open and Affirming congregation

Affiliated with the United Church of Christ (UCC) and the American Baptist Churches USA (ABC-USA)

•  Rev. Charles Rush, Senior Minister   •  Rev. Julie Yarborough, Associate Minister  
•  Rev. Caroline Dean, Associate Minister   •   Mark A Miller, Minister of Music  

No matter who you are, or where you are on life's journey, you're welcome here!

Note: This 5/2014 snapshot of our old website is not updated. Our new website is here

Worship Schedule: During the summer, there is one worship service at 10:00 AM followed by coffee hour.

During other months there is a full service at 9:30 AM followed by coffee hour, and a second shorter service with meditative jazz at 11:15, except on special occasions. Nursery care is always available. [ directions ]

Spring at Christ Church

Spring at Christ Church

Some Recent Sermons: 

May 25: Enfolded in Truth  – Rev Rebecca Laird [ audio ]

May 18: Called By Name  – Rev Julie Yarborough [ audio ]

May 11: Teach Me to Fly  – Mark A Miller [ audio ]
Apr 13: Authentic Identity  – Rev Charles Rush [ audio ]
Feb 16: Unfolding Light  – Rev Caroline Dean [ audio ]

 Members and friends: Please support our missions and programs:  click [ Make a Donation ]

Members: Click for discussion documents about the future of the Church's two parsonages.


Reading Suggestions:  Click Here to see what some Christ Church people were reading last summer – or to add suggestions or comments.

This Week

You can read Rev. Chuck's recent “This Week at Christ Church” emails, and you can subscribe by clicking the This Week link at left.

Christ Church is pleased to welcome the  St. Augustine & St. Monica Coptic Orthodox Church  now worshiping in our sanctuary on Saturday mornings.

St. Augustine & St. Monica Coptic Orthodox Church
Inspire, Welcome, Serve

Inspiration, Nurture, Service

Make an Online Donation! [ click here ]

Let Justice Roll, 2011 - Click for details Let Justice Roll, 2012 - Click for details Let Justice Roll, 2013 - Click for details     

“Let Justice Roll”

An annual concert celebrating Black History Month. Watch the concerts as video webcasts:

[ 2011 | 2012 | 2013 ]

Recent Jazz Concerts at Christ Church: [ Sept 29, 2012 | Sept 17, 2011 ]
Thanks to all who helped out and attended!

The Cornerstone School

The Cornerstone School, a dynamic young preschool in Summit, located at Christ Church, opened in September, 2009.   [ details... ]

Student/Partner Alliance

Christ Church hosts the Student/Partner Alliance, which supports inner city high school students in New Jersey with school tuition assistance and mentoring.

Jeannette's UCC Blog,  with emphasis on social justice issues.

Click for details -- Hosted by Rev Chuck Rush, on HomeTowne TV in Summit (Comcast channel 36, Verizon channel 33)

Weekly showings: Mon at 8:00 PM,  Wed at 9:00 PM,  Thu at 11:00 PM,  Fri at 8:30 PM,  and Sat at 7:30 PM & 10:30 PM.   [ more | full HomeTowne TV program schedule ]

Rev Chuck Rush as 'Devil's Advocate'

    As part of the Summit Interfaith Council, we joined other congregations in Summit to build an affordable housing unit in Summit in partnership with the Morris Habitat for Humanity.

'Never place a period where God has placed a comma' -Gracie Allen'Never place a period where God has placed a comma' -Gracie Allen'Never place a period where God has placed a comma' -Gracie Allen
Curious? Click to learn more about the UCC...
Reflections on "What Christ Church Means to Me" by
[ Pat Calhoun | Betsy Crosby | Neale Trangucci | Janet Quartarone | more... ]
You can hear Rev. Julie Yarborough's sermon “Holy Ground” from our 6-9-2002 outdoor worship service at Camp Riverbend.
Recent anthem performed by Christ Church Choir and soloist Ken Grispin: City Called Heaven
Office:   (908) 273-5549
Fax: (available on request)
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xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <span { style="Xdisplay:Xnone"> <PRE { style="font-family:courier new,courier;margin-left:1.25in;font-size:7pt;color:black;/*#EFE7D0*/"> Welcome to Christ Church, Summit NJ. We are an interdenominational, open and affirming congregation serving Summit, New Jersey, and its neighboring communities including Chatham, New Providence, Berkeley Heights, Watchung, Mountainside, Madison, Morristown, and Springfield. We invite you to share the beauty of our century-old building, enjoy the music of our adult, children's, and handbell choirs, and experience the warmth of our fellowship. Our diverse church family is engaged in numerous activities, including community service, adult education, children's and youth activities, Bible study, and cultural events. We participate in the Stephen Ministries program. Click here for a fuller description of our church community and its ministries. Our affiliate denominations are: UCC - United Church of Christ. ABC - American Baptist Churches. Our staff: Rev Dr Charles (Chuck) T Rush, Senior Minister. Rev Julie Yarborough, Associate Minister, Rev Caroline Dean, Associate Minister, Mark A Miller, Minister of Music. Cheryl Levy, Church Secretary and Office Manager. God is still speaking... Never place a period where God has placed a comma. -- Gracie Allen. Our "Open and Affirming Declaration": We believe that we are all part of God's creation and that we are all sisters and brothers in God's family. We welcome and affirm gay men and lesbian women into the life and leadership of our congregation. We condemn all acts of violence against people because of their sexual orientation. To this end, we join the United Church of Christ Open & Affirming Congregations and the American Baptist Churches Welcoming & Affirming congregations. And in the spirit of this affirmation, we authorize our ministers to extend to gay men and lesbians all of the blessings of life in our congregation, including the blessing of same-sex unions. Our Illuminators bring dramatic presentations to our worship services. Other words and phrases characterizing our Church... Adult Education, Advent, Alternative Gift Market / Mitzvah Mall, Baptism, nondenominational church, non-denominational church, non denominational, Barnwell Hall, Bible Study, Board of World Fellowship, Chancel Choir, Charity, Children's Choir, Christian Education, Christmas, Church Mice, Church School, Communion, Community Service, Confirmation, Congregational Church, Deacons, Diversity, Easter, Ethics, Ethical Principles, Genesis Choir, Good Friday, Habitat for Humanity, Handbell Choir, Homeless Hospitality Network, Homosexuality, Interracial Homosexuals, Inclusive, Inspiration, Interfaith Hospitality Network, Jesus Christ, Journey of Faith, Joy, Jubilation Bell Ringers, Labyrinth, Lile Hall, Liturgical Music, Let us Pray, Loving Spirit, Maundy Thursday, Meditation, Ministry, Moral Principles, New Testament, Nicaragua Outreach, Nondiscrimination, Old Testament, Pastoral Concerns, Peace Be with You, Pipe Organ, Praise God, Praise the Lord, Prayer Concerns, Protestant Church, Religion, Religious, Sacred, Salvation, Sanctuary, Savior, Saviour, Social Action, Social Justice, Spirit of God, Spiritual, Spirituality, Stained Glass Windows, Sunday School, Theology, Worship Service, Tom Martinez Martinez former Associate Minister, Youth Fellowship, Workshop Rotation Model - (WRM), City of Summit, NJ, New Jersey, 07901, USA, United States of America. UCC, Summit NJ. United Church of Christ, Summit NJ., gay-friendly, Mark A Miller, Mark Miller, Adam Grabois, ABC Summit NJ. American Baptist Church, Summit NJ, The Devil's Advocate mark your calendar . . . &ldquo;Let Justice Roll&rdquo; A Concert at 7:00 PM on Saturday February 25 2012 to celebrate African American History Month featuring the Christ Church Chancel Choir Christ Church Youth Choir Good News Community Choir from Plainfield and brass ensemble performing music by African American Composers including the premiere performance of new works by Mark Miller Tenant Organizations . . . <ul> <li><a href="" target=_blank >Cornerstone Preschool Nursery hosted by Christ Church, Summit, NJ</a></li> <li><a href="" target=_blank >Student-Partner Alliance</a></li> <li><a href="" target=_blank >Northern New Jersey Alcoholics Anonymous hosted by Christ Church, Summit, NJ</a></li> </ul> </PRE } > </span } >